New Student Spotlight: Sarah Courville

Meet our 2016-2017 Sophomore Class

Name: Sarah Courville

What made you decide to transfer to UT? 

I had just always loved the campus and the culture surrounding the University. When I competed in the Longhorn, I remember wandering around (I was super lost at this point) and thinking “I wanna go here.” Then when I was at my previous university, I just had to make the decision to leave because I know I wanted more out of my college.

Since you’ve moved to Austin, what has been the coolest thing you’ve done on campus?


If you could sum up speech in 7 words or less–what would it be? 

“Did you know you look like Rachel?”

Which event are you most excited to put up next? 

 I am super hype about working on duo with Forrest!

Tell us your favorite memory with the team!

On our way back from Bayou, my car was deliriously tired, but we had to keep each other awake so we played car games. Nothing was really THAT funny, but I honestly haven’t laughed so hard in a while. Exhaustion, man.

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