Freshman Spotlight: Juan Alfonso Núñez Rodríguez

Juan is a first year Latinx studies major from Mexico City. He has spent most of his life in San Antonio. Juan is excited to compete as an interper on the Texas Speech Team! The beginning of the speech season has been exciting for him and the team looks forward to watching him develop as a student and performer. We asked him some questions to help you get to know him better!

I absolutely love my intro to Mexican American policy class. At first it was a little intimidating since I’m one of the only freshmen in it and it is a very discussion based course, but I honestly have learned so much just by sitting in it three times a week. I actually got my POI topic from one of our discussions!

If you could be any powerful person or celebrity, who and why?

One of the Olsen twins. Either one, it doesn’t matter.

My copy of “The Mixquiahuala Letters” because it is a beautiful book and there are so many different ways to reread it and find something new. CVS oil removing sheets because of obvious reasons. And probably a blanket because I am forever cold always non-stop.

Become an immigration lawyer to be able to help families like mine.

POI, it was added halfway through my high school speech experience and I absolutely fell in love, I just think it’s so fun to construct and perform.

If you were a plant or animal, which would you be? Why?

A monarch butterfly. So (this is probably the only thing I remember from biology) the monarch butterflies have a migration journey from Mexico to Canada, but it takes several generations to get there. Each generation is stronger and can endure more than the one that came before. Eventually, the last butterfly is so strong that it is able to return to Mexico from Canada in one lifetime. I just think they mirror the story of so many Mexican immigrant families and have always found their journey to be inspiring and relatable.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Austin?

Café No Sé (shoutout to my awesome mentor for telling me about it)
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