Kentucky TOC 2020 Congrats

A huge congrats From Texas Speech and the UTNIF to the following UTNIF Alumni on their performances in the speech categories at the 2020 edition of the Tournament of Champions, hosted by the University of Kentucky. All of these students made the shift to the digital sphere this year, and demonstrated the same excellence in that format as they have for so long in live competition formats.

Individual congrats to the following:

  • Champion, Extemporaneous Speaking – Katherine Rollins (‘16, ‘17), The Potomac School, VA
  • Champion, Oratory – Katherine Rollins (‘16, ‘17), The Potomac School, VA
  • 2nd place, Extemporaneous Speaking – Pranav Pattatathunadavil (‘18), Plano West HS, TX
  • 2nd place, Oral Interp – Jack Neel (‘19), Bethelehem HS, KY
  • 2nd place, Congress – Genevieve Cox (‘18), W. B. Ray HS, TX
  • 3rd place, Program Oral Interp – Jack Neel (‘19), Bethlehem HS, KY
  • 4th place, Extemporaneous Speaking – Angela Wang (‘18), Plano West HS, TX


  • Dramatic Interp – Jack Neel (‘19), Bethlehem HS, KY
  • Informative Speaking – Katherine Oung (‘19), Dreyfoos School of the Arts, FL
  • Oratory – Dev Wernik (‘19), Valley International Prep, CA

Congrats all! And a huge shoutout to the University of Kentucky in building their online format from the ground up and showcasing all of these amazing students.

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