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Texas Speech is the Individual Events half of The University of Texas at Austin forensics program and the university’s official competitive speech organization. Originally established in 1988, the team boasts four national team sweepstakes championships alongside 34 individual championship titles. Texas Speech has placed in the top 6 nationally every year since 1989.

Beyond these remarkable achievements, our story is also one of academic success. We pride ourselves on our dedication to scholastic excellence at one of the most competitive public schools in the country, a Tier 1 research university. Graduates of UT Speech include three Dean’s Distinguished graduates (granted to only ten students in the College of Liberal Arts each year) and two Senior Fellows (given to ten graduates in the College of Communications annually) and multiple students selected for the American Forensics Association All-American Team, an honor given for excellence in forensics competition, academic accomplishments and community service.

We believe in fostering open communication, supporting student research and furthering the university’s goal of transforming lives for the benefit of society. In all things, we hope to exemplify excellence and the message that what starts here does change the world.



The University of Texas National Institute in Forensics was established in 1994, the year after Texas Speech won its first national collegiate team title. While university’s forensic programs have been operating summer programs and short courses for high school students longer than that, UTNIF is our official camp and brings with it the expertise of over two decades of excellence. We offer instruction in Interp, Extemp, Oratory and Student Congress along with a debate camp run by UT Debate. Over the past 10 years, our campers have won 18 individual titles at the state and national level- that’s almost two per year.  When you come to UTNIF, you are not only gaining a top forensic education or joining the nation’s best competitors and coaches for two weeks, but also becoming part of a Longhorn family that is with you at every tournament, both literally and figuratively.

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Director of Individual Events mrcox@austin.utexas.edu

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Texas Speech is the official competitive speech team of the University of Texas at Austin, housed in the College of Communication, and half of the university's forensics program (along with texas Debate). Texas Speech believes in fostering open communication, supporting student research and furthering the university's goal of transforming lives for the benefit of society.