Sophomore Spotlight: Macy Bayern

Meet our 2015-2016 Sophomore Class

macy spotlight

Name: Macy Bayern

What’s your favorite event and why?

My favorite event would have to be Prose, because it is simple. In prose you simply tell a story to either relate to others, or help your character’s voice be heard. People tell stories every day, so I think it’s nice to tell stories that could resonate with, or even help, other people.

If your life was a movie which movie would it be and why?

 If my life was a movie it would be “She’s the Man.” I’m horrible at soccer, but I respect Amanda Bynes’ character standing up for what she believes in, and defying those trying to put her down. I also like Gouda.

Who would play you in your own movie and why?

The person that would play me in my movie would be Amy Schumer. Because Amy Schumer

Where will you be in 10 minutes?

I’m currently sitting in my Astronomy class (lol). In 10 minutes we’ll be taking a mini-quiz we have at the end of each class…wish me luck.

10 years?

In 10 years I will ideally be an editor of a newspaper somewhere in the northeast. Oh, and I’d be happy! That’s important!

What’s your favorite thing about UT Austin?

 My favorite thing about UT is the opportunity. At UT you can really do anything. Whatever you are passionate about, I promise there is a club or organization for it.

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