Freshmen Spotlight: Caroline Builta

Meet our 2014-2015 Freshmen Class


Name: Caroline Builta

Hometown: Austin, TX

High school: Anderson High School

Major Concentration: Currently choosing between History and General Education

Events you are doing this year: Prose, ADS, DI, and Duo

How long have you been doing speech?

This is my fifth year doing speech. My first tournament was in August 2010.

What is your favorite thing about forensics?

My favorite thing about forensics is that I get a chance to create something that is totally mine and educate people on issues that are important to me. It’s a space in which my voice and my opinions matter.

What is your favorite thing about UT?

My favorite thing about UT is that the team really supports one another. I transferred to UT and joined the team in January, and I’ve never felt so supported by a group of people. I’m always reminded that everyone believes in me, and I think believing in each other is the most important quality a team can have. My team makes me want to be a better speaker, competitor, and person.

The coaches are…

Amazing. I really believe that each of the coaches have the best interest of the team at heart. I feel totally supported every time I walk into a session or a round because I know the coaches have done everything they can to help me become the best competitor I can be.

Best advice you’ve ever received:

“You can’t worry that you’re going to ruin everything. Things are getting better? Things are getting better because you’re getting better. Breathe. Enjoy it.

Describe yourself in three words:

competitive, empathetic, kind

What is your spirit animal?


Favorite Color:


Favorite Food:


In 15 minutes…

I might be finally starting the Chemistry homework I’ve been putting off, but I’ll probably be watching an episode of Bob’s Burgers.

In 15 years….

I hope I’ll be living in a city that I love, and working at a school that I love with students that I love.

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