Freshman Spotlight: Dyana Martinez

Meet our 2016-2017 Freshmen Class


Name: Dyana Martinez

What’s your major and why did you choose it?

I’m a Government major because I hate the government… at least the way it is now. I’d like to fix things, so I figured the only way to do that was to major in Government and try and figure out where we’ve been going wrong.

What events do you do?

I’m an LPer! I do extemp, impromptu (and I have a bad habit of falling during practice speeches–I guess you could say I FELL in love with LP), and I’m working on a CA now. I also want to put up at INFO this year, but I’m letting that rest while I get my life together. OH and I’m going to do a POI or Prose or some interp before I graduate. Now that this is on the internet, I can hold myself to it.

If you could have any impromptu quotation, what would you want it to be? ?

One day, I’m going to prep a Kanye West lyric, that way I’m not allowed to use any examples about him. Honestly I could do a lot with the lyric “She spent her whole check on some Christians/ And that girl ain’t even religious.” The value? Materialism. Or First Impressions. Or Judgment. That’s what I love about impromptu, I can talk about whatever I want.

What’s your favorite thing to order at Starbucks (and if it’s a secret drink, tell us the recipe!)

VENTI ICED CHAI TEA LATTE. Always. Sometimes, I add an espresso shot, and apparently you’re supposed to say “Dirty Iced Chai Tea Latte” but I don’t want anyone to look at me weird.

Tell us your most embarrassing story: 

LOL, does high school count? I think everyone has heard this once already, but it’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me. At TFA State I fell off the stage. I literally flipped down the stairs, in front of thousands of people. I wish someone had it on video. There was an audible gasp, and I stood up and threw up my arms like a gymnast, and Drew yelled “SHE’S OKAY” and everyone clapped. I laughed and cried at the same time (literally) for about 10 minutes straight.


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