Freshman Spotlight: Elizabeth Boone

Meet our 2016-2017 Freshmen Class


Name: Elizabeth Boone

What’s the coolest thing about your intended major?

The coolest thing about my intended major (public relations) is that it’s something that I’m actually interested in and that I ultimately feel like I can succeed in without losing my mind. Right now, my major is chemistry and the only cool thing about it to me is how official I look in a lab coat while doing an experiment. Lol!

Is there a class you can’t wait to take at UT? 

I really want to take the Black Power Movement class or African Diaspora Studies! It’s so cool to finally be in a place where there is an actual appreciation for my people’s culture and where there’s an actual curriculum for it.

What event interests you the most?

Poetry is the event that interests me the most. Ever since 8th grade, when I did my first poetry at a tournament, I’ve had this unique love for it that I don’t have for other events. Don’t get me wrong, I love the other events, but poetry is really close to my heart for some reason. I just really feel it, you know?

If you had to cast the freshmen class as characters from Hamilton, who would be who? 

Hmmmm, I’d probably cast Carlos as Alexander, Brianna or Sabrina as Eliza, myself or Dyana/Maritza as Angelica, Rohan as James Madison, and Drew as King George.

Tell us your favorite book:

There’s a tie between what my favorite book is. There’s a book called “Misfit” by Jon Skovron and I love it because it’s super cool, relatable (for some reason), really different from other things that I’ve read, and mystical! Also, I’m a HUGE Michael Jackson fan so I love his autobiography called “Moonwalk.”


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